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The quality problem of import cotton come out in 2014.

2016-11-09 14:46:55 admin Read 742

During January to October in 2014, the quality problem of import cotton come out, its’failure

Rate has reached 10.61%, and increase 2.27% compared to last year. The increasing batch of failure rate cotton is the main reason of quality reduction.

Besides, as the resource in India cotton and reputation in cotton supplier, some miniature   supplier would use the low-end cotton instead of the good one.

The staff who work in Inspection and quarantine bureau of Jiangsu province said that quality problem in import cotton come out and until the end of October, 2295   batches import cotton was tested by Inspection and quarantine bureau in Jiangsu province since this year, the total value has reached 1.456 billion, but the failure-rate has reached 10.61%, increase 2.27% compared to last year. 

The import cotton in Jiangsu Province mainly from Australia, India,USA and other traditional markets, it take up about 80% of the total import cotton. Due to the Textile and clothing enterprises underemployment, stock and raw material increased, the demand of cotton increased a lot

not even Jiangsu Province but also our country. 

A professional said that some import cotton have problem in package which mainly come from India and Pakistan. 

In order to avoid the purchaser to buy the poor quality cotton, domestic enterprises have to contract terms strictly when they buy the import cotton. The purchases also should seeking for directing when they find the quality or quantity don’t meet the contract so that they

could reduce the losses.