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1.Our vision: Strive to be the most influential textile enterprise in China.

2. Our mission:Strive to make the enterprise stronger and lead China onto world’s stage.

3.Our intention:Reject theories, focus on practice, keep the profits space of our client.

4.Our spirit: Simplicity, concentration.

5.Our style: Keep promise and no excuse; absolute obedience and never give up.

6.Our values:

Client: Client’s value is the fundamental of the all.

principle:Institution is always the first one.

Standard: Keep the superb status, try to do the best..

Team:Many hands make light work..

Appreciation:Live with gratitude, earn the respect with love.

Responsibility:Responsible for yourself, your job and the society.


7. Our core ideology:

Survival concept:The right track is the only way to survive.

Development concept:Sacrifice myself to achieve our goal.

Competition concept:Personal mastery.

Sales concept:All for love.

Service concept:Take the customer as the center, offer the service with appreciation.

Brand concept:The value created by brand, the wealth created by value.

Wealth concept:Money was a thing of outside, growth is the vital thing of our life.

Profession concept:Practice makes perfect.