Q & A

Q & A

1. How can I apply for this job?

You can through the recruitment in our official website or various of talent website to get more information about the position, you can submit your resume online, our recruiting manager would arrange the interview time after your resume was pick out.

2. How long could i get reply after i submit the resume?

We will handle it within 5 working days`after we receive your resume, please keep an eyes on your resume.

3. What should i prepare for when i have the interview?

Please bring your valid documents of the original with you including the Identity Card, Graduation Certificate, Certificate of degree, College English Test Certificate, Computer grade Card, personal resume and two copies of one inch photo.

4. If the graduating student can apply for the internship position? And how long is the internship period?

We will offer a internship position which last for 1 or 2 months, we have internship subsidies during the internship.

5. What about the salary?

We would offer the reasonable salary according to the position value and personal performance and we also would make some adjustment go by performance assessment. We transact endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, employment injury insurance, housing accumulation funds and personal accident insurance. In addition, our staff have various holidays, paid annual vacation, and we also provide holiday gifts.