1. Human resource strategy

Through the effective strategy of talent introduction, education training, management improvement, compensation benefit and employer brand, construct a favorable environment of growing and development. We always insist on the principle of justice, fairness, publicity, attracting people with industry prospect and company future, fostering people with developing platform, motivate people with vision and target, retain people with exoteric working environment, encourage people with innovation so that they could be a broader stage.

2.Human resource goal

We insist on the enterprise development concept of people oriented, attracting and fostering the high-caliber personnel who related to the industry closely, creating a reasonable configuration talents team, forming an effective human resource development and management no matter macro or micro in order to inform a humanized and effective management which aim at all staff in all levels. Meanwhile, We would improve the innovation remuneration system constantly to fit in the corporate brand and scale so that we could offer a solid guarantee, shape the beat employers of the textile industry, build a learning organization employee growth mechanism, promote the mutual development between the staff and our company.

3.Human resource system

People as our most important asset and driving force behind the long-team development of the enterprise, we’d like to strengthen it by establishing the talent cultivation mechanism by echelon selecting to build a long-term and win-win community between employee and enterprise, then we could achieve the common development.