China's textile exports is returning to rapid growth this year


Since this year,China's textile export is  keeping increase rapidly. Industry sources say that China’s textile exports is keeping increase rapidly due to the increasing demand of developed country. In addition,  we’ve increased the intensity of trade facilitation measures this year, and

it improved the custom’s clearance of textile consignments.

Since this year, China textile export to Japans began to decline. The first 10 months of the year, our textile product to Japan has reached $2.55 billion, reduced 4.7%, occupied about 10.8% of the total export value. A fraction of the order in Japan has transfered, some Japan companies are planing to move their factories to Southeast Asia and India, said by Chairman Yang zhaohua of National Textile Association.  Besides, in other major regions, the export growth quickly to India and Thailand in home textile,export value has reached 450 million and 410 million, increased 40.8% and 58.5%.

The first 10 months of this year, home textile export rank in China respectively Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province and Shanghai, export continued to grow steadly, growing rare respectively 5.7%,9.9%,4% and 4.2%. Guangdong Province ranked fifth, export maintained a fast growth as 19%. In addition, xinjiang border trade export is declining as 7.3%, however Tianjin City, Jiangxi Province and Chongqin City growth more quick and the growth rate is above 20%.

Since this year, along with the series measurements which are used to convince the trade,   a series of favorable policies not only managed to reduce the burden on enterprise, but also increase the confidence of its’ export. This year, our country has carry out customs clearance facilitation policy, our company has experience the convenience, customs clearance speed is quicker and completer than past, and it’s more convenience to deal with the related formalities. Dalina City’s Government and the related institutions also gave great support to us, said by general manager Yuyong of Dalian Dongli Technology Textile CO.,Ltd.

“Since this year, we’ve experience the benefits which from trade facilitation. Not only in customs  procedures but also in Import and export inspection and quarantine and these measure strengthened our confidence a lot”, said by general manager Shen jianchun in Zhejiang Maya Textile Co.,Ltd. “Our main export market is United States,  our export volume is quite welcome this year”, said by general manager Wang ziyua. “As a enterprise, we will strive to enhance product capabilities,maintain the leadership. We has our independent design team and our own sales company. In my opinion,

we have to improve ourselves if we want to survive and continue to grow up.